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Helping Non-Profit Founders, CEOs & Fundraisers grow their teams and deepen impact by raising multi-year core funding 🎨🚀📯🎨🚀

Without having a "little Black book of contacts" and without spending months researching funders.

Book funder conversations. Legitimise your Impact Pitch. Gain funder trust.  Secure long term funding. 

Are you in the right place? Is The Confluencers relevant to you?

We work with non-profit leaders who are tiered of being overworked and struggle to meet their fundraising goals despite their efforts. This is how this problem shows up:
  • Spending 50-60% of your time fundraising and writing proposals but getting mostly rejections.
  • ​Getting a "no" from a funder that you swore was "the perfect fit" and not knowing why.
  • Getting told that your operating costs "just can't be more than 15%" while thinking "wait a second that's my staff's salary there, are you saying you think their input is worth only 15% of the project's value?"
  • ​Letting go of amazing, awesome, passionate staff because your funding suddenly gets cut.
  • ​Feeling like you never have the luxury of time to think and can't get the resources your mission needs.
  • ​​Frustrated that you can't do the work you most want to do, because of lack of multi-year funding.
  • ​Trying different fundraising activities, hoping some will work, but not 100% confident in your process.
If this is not you - the information here might not be relevant - All the best in your work and thanks for stopping by!

But, if this feels like you, and you are ready to say goodbye to lack of resources, stop and start working and pouring your energy into fundraising activities that are not giving you the results you want, read ahead. 

You will love what we have in store for you - no matter how many years you have been in your organisation, the type of work we do will show you how to create your own funding opportunities, get that 'foot into the door', increase your visibility, and give legitimacy to your work so that funders understand it, trust it and you can reach financial sustainability!

Go ahead and book a time to chat to see if you qualify for our programme!

And remember you deserve to be self reliant and thrive and your work deserves to be seen ❤️
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