The problem we solve: Fundraising efforts not getting you funding 👀 
Let's face it. Fundraising is not always easy and so many things can get in the way. It's like a puzzle and you have to put the pieces in the right sequence and if you are missing even just one piece the whole machine collapses and it doesn't matter how much you put into it, nothing comes out. We know what parts are essential and can help you find and fix what is not serving you.

This is how the clients we work with explain the problems we help them solve. 

"I'm tiered of crowdfunding and small one year restricted grants."
"If someone isn't aware of my work it's hard to convince them"
"It's impossible to cover my operating costs"
"I'm not fully aware of how to look for funders" 
"I feel gridlocked and paralysed, I don't know if what I am doing is the best use of my time."
"I'm always fighting to maintain the status quo and feel like I am living 'hand to mouth' month by month."
"I find it hard to find the right funders or get past gatekeepers."
"I never hear back. I get rejections and don't feel like doing it again. My main blockers are proposals"
"I don't have time, don't have a team but don't have the budget to employ a full time fundraiser"
"People are not very interested in supporting my mission because it is not like that other mission that gets all the funding" 

Can you relate to any of them? If so don't hesitate to reach out for a chat.

We have worked with non-profits and charities that love to ask for funding and just want a "foot in the door" and leaders that are discouraged by rejection and hate to ask for funding. We have worked with charities that have a few volunteers and grant writers supporting with fundraising and ones where the Founder / CEO is mainly responsible for creating those connections with new contacts.

No matter where you are at in your fundraising and impact journey, and what resources you do or don't have, if these are some of the problems you face you are in the right place! We have what you need to get you unstuck!
Our Mission 🎯 
For fundraising to work you need to know how to find the right funders and sources of funding for your organisation, how to engage new people and organisations, how to deliver a kick-ass impact pitch confidently and with the right dose of assertiveness so that you can secure the amount and duration of funding your work needs to grow and thrive in the years ahead. We exist to work with you to:
  • ​​Build your capacity to attract multi-year unrestricted core funding
  • Relieve strain on workload and employ paid staff 
  • ​​Legitimise your impact by explaining your work better
  • Expand the breadth and depth of your impact and start those programmes you have been waiting to start for years
  • ​​Become more visible as the go-to expert in your field
  • Expand your networks of aligned funders
  • ​Get more people excited about your mission
What happens when you work with us? 🚀
What would it feel like to have your calender filled with appointments with possible funding partners that are interested in your work? Immagine your calendar is full. You go to one of those meetings feeling proud, confident assertive and prepared because you have to hand all the information you need to legitimise your work. You even know how to justify your need for core funding. You start to explain why you are passionate about your organisations' work - And everyone gets it. Their eyes widen in awe. They get goosebumps at the information you reveal. You move them, your prospective funders respect you, ask you questions, are excited at the value you bring as a trusted expert partner. You always know what to focus your fundraising activities on. You do the work and get the multi-year core funding you wanted again and again! It was so much smoother, enjoyable and easier than you thought it would be. You can't wait to start interviewing for that full time staff member you've been needing for years. You plan a meeting with your team to tell them you are ready to start that new programme your end users have been desperately needing. 

💥The non-profit clients we worked with started just where you are today. 💥

They did the work and their tribe of supporters grew. Their staff's pride in their work grew. Their funding grew. They started having inbound interest from funders. They grew their teams. They became free to do more of the work they wanted to do. They know who they want to work with, they stand their ground and are confident that they are always give their work the best fighting chance it deserves to shine. 

If THEY were able to make this change. So can YOU. IF you decide it's what you want. Is it what you want? Book a call if it is!

What does The Confluencers stand for ?📯
  • ​​Your NGO is sitting on knowledge and expertise that the world desperately needs to see and lean on.
  • Funders and Implementing NGOs are EQUAL contributors working towards a shared change goal. 
  • The end users (the people you are trying to support) come first, above any other stakeholder's interests.
  • ​NGOs have the right to build long term financial security for themselves and reward their staff. 
  • Learning and continuous improvement is at the foundation of all success. 
  • Our success as an organisation depends on your success in transforming how the world perceives your work.
Who have we worked with and what do they say?
Our clients work across thematic issues including but not limited to indigenous communities, impact ESG data, race issues, climate resilience, environmental food systems, the future of education. What they have in common is the same passion for their work, an amazing proof of concept they want to grow and the appetite for change. It is always an honor to be a part of their journey.
🔹"Working with Anna was a dream! She is the most thorough, passionate and committed consultant we have ever come across, especially when it comes to meeting each objective leading up to achieving the goal at hand. She takes on your project as if it is her own and treats all aspects of her work with care. She meets all deadlines and provides a priceless product." 

Esi Kagale Agyeman Gillo, Co-Founder, DIFFvelopment, USA
🔹"It has been a phenomenal journey and we are sure we will work together again. Your contribution to making us think beyond what we were doing and have more clarity on some of the most basic questions is immense. It was both a growth oriented and an immensely enjoyable journey." 

Dr. Sarika Kulkarni, Founder, RAAH Foundation, India
🔹"I really think that your way of working is really something that we need to learn a lot from.  Every call that I have done with you I have learned something more about our own project. I have not necessarily always gone back with solutions or answers, but I have definitely gone back with questions which we would have never asked ourselves . I think the strength that you brought  was in developing a whole process : we've never invested that kind of resources or thought into building back end processes. Just learning that from you has been very useful.  We are also very grateful that you have handed over much of  your work, whether it is templates or its the research that you did. All the templates and process documents will definitely help us strengthen our work at CCS. 
Personally for me it's just been a tremendous learning experience! "

Bhakti Patil, Centre for Civil Society, India
🔹"Your unique ability is that you can bring together unconnected people (and ideas) and are able to engage their interests, then organise and manage them effectively towards common goals. Many of these groups and teams simply wouldn't exist without you!" 

Mohamed Gaafar, Ambasssador, The Happold Foundation, UK
🔹"Your help was incredible and this is just to say thank you for everything"

Phrang Roy, The Indigenous Partnership for Agro-biodiversity and Food Sovereignty
🔹"I know Anna best as a fellow Trustee of the Happold Foundation, Anna lead our alumni programme which entailed convincing our alumni of over 500 people and organisations who have benefited from support from our Foundation to return the favour and help the Foundation pursue its goals. 

Our trustees give their time for free, there is only so much we can expect, but with Anna I know she will exceed expectations, without fail. 

Anna brings clear analytical thinking to problem solving, infectious enthusiasm, creativity and drive to see things through. Her intellect and winning smile, which is much more than skin deep, removes even the most stubborn inertia and produces excellent results. She has forged links with institutions and NGO’s and contributed to the development of events and programmes which have yielded significant improvement." 

Gavin Thompson, Ex-Chairman, The Happold Foundation, U.K.
Why I Anna B. Sabhaney, Founded The Confluencers
I am a recovering people pleaser. I like it when people agree. Because I thrive on the strength and power of collective action and still strongly believe in the kindness of humanity.

This meant one of my strengths is harnessing other peoples' strengths and weaknesses to rally around specific causes and find creative ways of making best use of their potential to reach specific goals together faster.

I spent the first 10 yrs of my career as a Chartered Civil Engineer delivering and managing multi-disciplinary flood risk protection and infrastructure projects. Climate change, complex data management, informal urban communities, rural livelihoods, inequality, innovative learning opportunities, water security and systems thinking became some of my areas of specialisation.

I did this across very different cultures and contexts which is something I loved because I have a tricultural background - quadricultural+ if you count my husbands' nationalities.

"I regularly found myself frustrated noticing the lack of aligned interests creating a gap in communication between the priorities of funders - funds, government, private developers, investors, ministries, think tanks - and those of implementing organisations - designers, NGOs, non-profits, local organisations & communities."

One day, I was having dinner with senior colleagues in the company I was at and it struck me like a bolt a lightening. So simple and yet universal. "If you understand what others truly value, you can do anything" I shared.

I didn't fully appreciate what that meant at the time, but I became more and more aware of how everyone's perception of impact was different.

I made it a point to listen patiently and neutrally, and became increasingly frustrated at the fact that people didn't "say what they meant" (maybe it was my Italian Blood adapting to the British culture) but either way, I noticed that details were being missed and people generally did not care to expose them.

Time passed and I became the negotiator, the faciliator, the problem fixer. From sorting out internal disagreements between team members, to getting Board members to explore different perspectives, my role was bringing people together for the common good - be that getting the project delivered on time, or getting buy in from a key stakeholder, or even progressing my own professional development. 

Eventually, I decided to set sail in search of an Industry where funders' interests were 1000% aligned with project intent. I tried the public sector, working in government. But I still couldn't find the perfect space where partners were aligned. 
I had only chosen civil engineering because "I wanted to use my problem solving and analytical thinking skills to transform society for the better " so the non-profit sector felt like a logical transition if I wanted to get closer to the people I was serving. 

The Happold Foundation gave me the opportunity to enter the non-profit sector, and a few years after I joined as a Member of the Board, another lightening bolt hit me: "Only 0.2% of international funding was managed and allocated directly (at the time) to National or International non-profits". What?!?!?

I was shocked. In business End-User Innovation is really valued. I thought "What a waste that it was not yet valued enough in philanthropy". It seems that was the missing piece of my "purpose in life - puzzle."  
"I realised the non-profit sector was sitting on a pot of gold, underestimating and misrepresenting the huge value it - you all - create for society. The Confluencers was born as my way of committing to doing my part in bridging the gap in understanding of impact and getting non-profits the funding and recognition their work deserves."
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